Monday, April 19, 2010

New Focus

Women of Faith:

Have you ever needed to refocus your life? That is the way mine always is right after April 15th. Stan said my writing this morning needed a new GPS system—the GPS went on overload, and my writing was slightly misdirected, needed guidance, and took several detours and a couple of dead ends in the process :)

So I completely started over and am going to borrow this morning from a good friend. Those of you who read Faye’s website will recognize the following—

From Duane’s writing--“What I was thinking about in the tractor was what I had done to the ground. I was using heavy equipment to turn over the ground, uprooting the plant, totally disturbing the field so that it could be prepared for a new purpose; a new crop. Without going through the total disruption of the ground, it would become less fruitful; stagnate from doing what it always did. But now the farmer can come in and begin anew. There is unlimited potential for an incredible harvest.

“Well you can likely see the comparison coming. What I was struck by was that God had come in and totally disturbed my field, my life. He had turned it over, exposing the roots of all that I had known and cared about and now my field was laying bare and exposed. It looks barren and dead, but what God sees is my life being readied to begin a new, to be ready to accept a change from what could become stagnate. What fruit will be harvested remains to be seen, but it is that hope that drives the farmer to plant each spring and wait for the harvest (well actually they don’t do well sitting or waiting) but they understand they cannot produce the crop on their own. It is the hope of the ground, my life, becoming productive and showing evidence of new life, that encouraged me that day in the tractor and continues to give me hope.

“Now apply this to your own field. What shape is the ground in? Has it gone to weeds and become overgrown with worthless brush (busy work)? Is it in the 10 yrs set aside and laying dormant, inactive and not much to look at? Does it have houses, boats, cars, jewelry, shoes galore, all over it, so much so, that you can’t even see the ground anymore? Is it torn apart and used by many different people without regard for anyone? Are you so busy you haven’t been out to check the field in months? No one should have to work in the field just so that they can enjoy themselves.

“You assess your own field, but be prepared, the owner may come in and uproot everything. Will God plant a crop and see a great harvest or will your ground remain barren?

“You all will play a part in my ground producing fruit as any good farm ground needs to be worked and kept up. Exposed ground can be very susceptible to the weather, erosion and washing away of the valuable top soil, so it is important to not let it set long without planting and getting a ground cover.”

I think of my life after tax season like the earth in Duane’s analogy, different reason, but like his dirt, dug up and ready to be refreshed. Glad to have time to spend with God, and to see the next path on which I will be lead; Assessing my choices, my path; knowing that I must be guided by God, looking forward to new seed, a refreshing spring rain and the Son’s shine.

Dear God, “Sing praise to the LORD, you his faithful ones, and give thanks to his holy name.” Ps 30:4 Thank you for guiding my path, for keeping me awake during the long hours and for giving me friends and especially a husband who cares and supports. Give me wisdom and understanding: a recalculating my GPS, a new focus. Refresh my soul.

Blessings, and Many Thanks to Duane for his words of wisdom!

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