Monday, June 14, 2010

The Spirit Within Us

Women of Faith:

“Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest, and in our hearts, take up thy rest; Come with thy grace and heav’nly aid, to fill the hearts, which thou hast made.” (Lyrics, Come Holy Ghost c 776)

Do you have an inner voice which speaks to you? Are you listening?

Matthew Kelley in “The Rhythm of Life” says that we will not be at peace until we listen to our inner voice. He also says we must be “still,” “at rest,” to recognize, to know that inner voice, and to know that that inner voice is God, the Spirit. (Ps 46:10)

How many times has someone said, did or been in the right place for you? How many times have you done, or said, or been in the right place for someone else?

Do we recognize the Spirit within us?

The Spirit is what Jesus promised his disciples during the days after His death and resurrection. He promised them that The Spirit would come upon them and lead them when He was no longer on this earth.

And when the Spirit came, He came as fire, wind, and with the gift of speaking in tongues so that everyone would hear. He did not make a quiet entrance, even though He could not be seen physically. He came IN where He was locked out, through a closed door. He made himself know through the very forces of nature in which He revealed Himself. Acts 2:1-11

While some of us may know or understand more than one language I also think that “speaking in tongues” can also mean that he gives us the grace to be able to say the right thing at the right time; to be able to give our family and friends the inspiration to move forward as God would want us to.

I think about the times when I have been in a place where a “tough question” was asked, or a decision had to be made, and the process was not being handled in a Godly manner. When it would have been easier to follow “common practice” rather than the God’s righteousness. And either I or someone else answered with the right analogy, the right words, to put us all back on the right path, on God’s path.

I also think about the times we have had to help our children or our friends make a decision. We cannot change them, nor can we make their decisions for them. Our prayer has been, and must continue to be, that they would listen to their “inner voice,” to the Spirit, to God.

We have a “key question” that we have asked for many years (starting especially when our kids were teens) in our house when we are/were making tough decisions: “Will this decision, this path, lead me closer to, or farther from my ULTIMATE goal?”

Of course the ULTIMATE goal, must be heaven, but sometimes we “see” the goal as smaller, like a career choice—then we have ask ourselves the same question again, about the smaller goal—“will this decision lead me closer to , or farther from my ULTIMATE goal?” That goal always has to end ultimately at heaven.

Then my inner voice, the one I must always “answer to,” leads me to make decisions which ultimately follow the Spirit. And if I answer to the Spirit, eventually I will find the Spirits promises: peace, comfort, rest, and happiness within God’s graces.

So, what decisions are you currently wrestling? Could the answer, the key to your decision, be that you are not listening to your “inner voice,” to the Spirit within you? Is your decision one that will lead you to your ultimate goal? Are you listening, TRULY LISTENING to the Spirit among us?

“Come Holy Spirit, Come to My Aid, Fill My Heart, Give Me Rest, Bring Me Comfort, So That I May be Blessed.” Amen.

May the Spirit of God, Fill Your Week!



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