Monday, January 10, 2011

Life is One BIG Prayer!

Women of Faith:

Where is God in this moment? Is God in your relationship, no matter who or where you are?

“Where two or more are gathered in my name…. I am there.” Are we praying together (with our spouse, or our faith family) to ask God’s guidance and help to make our relationships more meaningful?

As a child—our parents meet our basic needs and they are to be the “first teachers. Is God in this relationship helping the parents to teach the child how important God should and will be as they grow?

As a young adult—we are given the freedom to explore and make choices, tough choices. God will always be our conscience to remind us of right and wrong—if we let Him.

As we begin new careers—We put ourselves in places where we can touch others with our faith and are often reminded that everything in life won’t go OUR way. But, there is a better way: God’s way. Each time we make a new relationship, we are also making new decisions (career, personal and spiritual) Do we let God guide us, both to choose our friends and make our decisions?.

Newly married—placing God firmly in the center of a new relationship from the very beginning. The “honeymoon time” serving as an example of peace and harmony and true love to always return us to the sacramental relationship, and the covenant we make as two with God.

As young parents—we become isolated in the noise, sleep deprived in our needs. Prayer is what will get us through the day, if we find time, even a second to give our burdens to God. Our young children will feel His presence if we feel His presence. But we must remember to look for it. Special dates with our spouse brings us back together as a couple so that we are always remined that He is at the center of our family. The husband and wife relationship is designed by God to be the journey to closeness with God. It is where God’s love culminates as we begin each new life.

Parents caught in the middle—Too busy to slow down, with tough reminders, decisions and sufferings as we watch teenagers grow. We have to make time for each other, take time to pray, to worship and to look for God in every moment. If we are without prayer, we are without God and we will lose focus, we will lose our way. Is God with you? Are you praying enough? Are you giving Him control so that the stresses become less of a burden?

Middle age and empty nested—A time that can be just as isolated, unless God is in the middle, or at the center of our relationships. All those previous reminders to pray are building blocks, each one becoming stronger. They are reminders that we are not here for ourselves, but to serve each other as family members, especially husband and wife, but also serving our neighbors together. We will feel both sadness and joy as our children make their own choices. Are we asking God not only to be part of our lives, but to help guide those we love?

Grandparents—We get wrapped around a little person again. And yet our control has been taken away, because they live too far away, even if they are in the house next door. Love, trust, pray, and give God control. AGAIN in the center of all of our relationships!

Growing old, maybe without our best friend—Ah, sadness, but if life has become one big prayer, we will be asked by God to return to Him, through nature, and also through the natural return of service by others giving back to us. We will finally have time to truly look at His beauty in nature. This is the final surrender of our sufferings and control. Our hearts will be full if we have let God be our prayer!

Dear God, Praise be Your place in my life. Thank you that no matter where I am, You are with me. Help me to always return to you. Help me to let you control each moment of each day. In each stage of life when I feel isolation, please be with me. Help me to allow Your Word to guide me and your arms to carry me. May my heart always be open to your grace and love. Thank you for shouldering the burdens of my sufferings and my aloneness. Help me to feel your love, accept your comfort and find peace in the journey through faith, hope and love. Amen.

Where is God in your life today? Give Him control so that you will have the grace of love and peace today. Life is a Prayer.


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