Monday, June 13, 2011

My Part

Friends in Faith:

Those of you who know me know that I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I tend to get stressed and frustrated when something isn’t done right, when someone else doesn’t see the work that needs to be done, or when someone doesn’t complete their part.

My instinct then is to become very independent and just do it all: the supermom, the super organizer, the super doer :)

I constantly need reminded that God doesn’t want me to do it all; that I am only a tiny part in this great big world; that we are each put here to be a part of each other; and that we are each given different gifts, different strengths, so that we can serve and be served.

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.

As a body is one though it has many parts,
and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body,so also Christ.” 1 Cor 12:3b-7

God deliberately gave men- women, husbands- wives, children- mothers and fathers. He very deliberately gave us bible role models, Mary, Martha, Ruth and Sarah; Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Peter.

What if Noah had said “no?” No time, no money, someone else can do it. (Lack of resources—but God says he will always provide). What if Noah had tried to do it alone or allowed only one of each species on the ark? Are we working two by two?

What if Mary had said “no?” Too much work, I’m not the person for the job, not listening to the calling of God. What if she had not allowed Joseph to take her to Bethlehem? (Fear of the unknown, but God said He is the Way, the Truth). Are we seeking the role models of other Christian parents and marriages?

What if Peter had said “no?” Too big of a job, someone else should do it, I’m not strong enough. (Fear of doing it alone, but God gave him the Spirit for wisdom, fortitude, and understanding.) Are we being a leader, using our talents to serve others, and allowing the Spirit to be our guide? Are we asking God for help?

Do we lovingly accept the resources, the help, provided to us by our spouse, or do we have to “earn” our own incomes? Do we try to do it all on our own, never seeking their help, so that they are left to feel as if we don’t need them EVERY day? Are we being a supermom and leaving dad feeling alone and left out?

Do we accept the advice and the truth of our friends who may see us following the wrong path?

Are we trying to be everything to our children, not allowing them to work, not allowing them to learn basic household jobs and forgetting to teach them to pray, to ask God for their needs? Are we setting them up for failure because they don’t know how to work, how to take the initiative and how to help others? Are we a frustrated “superdoer?”

Are we doing our “part” and allowing others to complete us with their “part?”
We are each a part of the Body of Christ. We are each given the opportunity to be spoken to “in our own tongues.” We must not only act, but we must learn to listen.

We must not only do our part, but we must allow others to do theirs so that the Body of Christ will be complete.

Heavenly Father, Praise be the Spirit sent to give me guidance and wisdom. Thank you for speaking to me in my “own language.” Thank you for giving me the gifts of patience and understanding and for providing me the resources to do Your will. Help me to accept Your guidance, and those you send my way to help me with wide open arms. Help me not only to do my part, but to accept the help of others. Help me to give You control. Amen.


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