Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Target

Women of Faith:
Just as the sun moved it’s time of day yesterday morning, I felt like my target for “life” moved right along with the time of day.

While last week I felt energized, refreshed and as if I had met my goals, this week I feel as if my target somehow moved just out of sight, out of my reach and as if I don’t quite know how to get there.

Some of it had to do with work goals—March 1st is almost as big as April 15th; some of it had to do with being off of work last weekend; but most of it really had to do with wanting to feel the Holy Spirit as I did last weekend and the Spirit feels just beyond my reach.

I thought I did everything “right” last week—I said daily prayers for all those I know, and don’t know, with illnesses and problems much bigger than my own. I went to mass on Friday and was blessed to be able to say the Stations of the Cross with a family who knows the meaning of being a family. Stan took me on a date and I got to feel the warmth of friends who were excited to see us. And I was blessed with the technology of Skype to see Sara and wish Karolina a happy 2nd birthday.

“Now consider the movie of life ….

“GOD creates the world. (Were you alive then? Was GOD talking to you when he proclaimed, “It is good”)..

“The people rebel against GOD (who if you haven’t realized it yet, is the main character in this movie), and GOD floods the earth to rid it of the mess people made of it.” Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Oops—I realize my first mistake—Life isn’t about me, it’s about God.

The “target” is getting easier to see.

“Several generations later, GOD singles out a ninety-year old man called Abraham and makes him the father of a nation (did you have anything to do with this?).

“Later along come Joseph and Moses and many other ordinary and inadequate people that the movie is also NOT about. GOD is the one who picks them and directs them and works miracles among them.

“In the next scene, GOD sends judges and prophets to HIS nation because the people can’t seem to give Him the one thing He asks of them (obedience).” Continuation Crazy Love

2nd mistake—I looked at “what” I did—not how I have sinned and what I need to do better.

“And then, the climax: The SON of GOD is born among the people whom GOD still somehow loves. While in this world, the SON teaches His followers what true love looks like. Then the Son of GOD dies and is resurrected and goes back up to be with GOD.

“And even though the movie isn’t quite finished yet, we know what the last scene holds. It’s the scene I already described …the throne room of GOD. Here EVERY being worships GOD who sits on the throne, for He alone is worthy to be praised.” Continuation Crazy Love

Oh—I can see my target once again—GOD in heaven ….. I guess my target really didn’t move. I just lost sight of it for a little while. I guess there were too many clouds: clouds of selfishness, distraction, and busyness.

“From start to finish, this movie is obviously about God. He is the main character. How is it possible we live as though it is about us? Our scenes in the movie, our brief lives, fall somewhere between the time Jesus ascends into heaven (Acts) and when we will all worship God on his throne in heaven (Revelation).

“We have only our two-fifths of a second long scene to live. I don’t know about you, but I want my two-fifths of a second to be about MY making MUCH of GOD. 1Cor 10:31 says, “So whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” That is what each of our two-fifths of a second is about.” Continuation Crazy Love

So whether “life” (my circumstances in it) is “good or bad” by my standards this week; whether I walk in the shadow or can see brilliant sunlight (SONlight)—it isn’t all about me, it’s all about GOD. And the target really hasn’t moved, it is just challenging me to DO more, BE more and LOVE more… to be MORE like Jesus who was sent by God to be His example of how to live as humans.

Heavenly Father: I sing the glory of your praises for the creation you have given us. Thank you for Stan, our children, our friends, your grace in our faith and the abundance of our lives. Help us always to be humbled to remember that many of your children have much less physically, but that spiritually we are all created equally in YOUR love. Please keep your target for all of us firmly in our sight. Amen.

If you think your target moved—it didn’t. GOD is always with us: loving us and forgiving us by granting us His mercy and raining grace upon us.

It is only a new week, a new circumstance, a new day – our two-fifths of a second in which we are asked to show GOD that we are all about serving Him, loving Him, and forgiving others as He does for us.

Keep your eyes and heart fixed on the last scene, the heavenly target: peace and unity with God,

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