Monday, August 12, 2013


Friends of Faith:

This morning as I was deleting emails I kept having the feeling that I was being tested—like Lot at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah—tested by being sidetracked from what God really wants of me, tested not to look back, but to completely trust God in looking forward.

We are about to destroy this place, for the outcry reaching the LORD against those here is so great that the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”the LORD is about to destroy the city.” …. When he hesitated, the men, because of the LORD’s compassion for him, seized his hand and the hands of his wife and his two daughters and led them to safety outside the city…..“Oh, no, my lords!” Lot replied to them. “You have already shown favor to your servant, doing me the great kindness of saving my life. But I cannot flee to the hills, or the disaster will overtake and kill me….to save my life.”Well, then,” he replied, “I grant you this favor too. I will not overthrow the town you have mentioned. Hurry, escape there! I cannot do anything until you arrive there.” Gen 19: 13-22

I thought about how often this week I was sidetracked: by an email which made me hope for something more; by the internet’s ability to make me angry—either because the speed was “too slow”—or because of propaganda or political causes viewed; by naysayers; or by the challenges of someone whose heart is hardened to a Christian viewpoint.

Sidetracked by the evil of the world, by being told what and why to “hate” what is happening in the world; sidetracked by those who try to convince me that I am in some way responsible for the evil –either by my participation, or by my lack of participation. And sidetracked by those who think we should “hate” certain people for what they stand for, are doing to us, or are “requiring” us to do.

But in my heart I know I have a clear choice to turn away from these types of hatred: that there are some things (most things) over which I have no control.

And I know that God has given me a primary responsibility to love: love my enemies and love my neighbors—not for what they do or don’t do, but because they were created by God, in the image of God and because they have the possibility to be converted and changed thru God’s healing mercy.

So, what I am really being sidetracked from is my ability to love and my time to pray—fervently, and for ALL things. Prayer and love, which by God’s design, will allow me to see all things as He created them, instead of as man wants them to be, or changes them to by the choices of human sin.

I should really pray for those who are in power, that their power would be used for the good of all, instead of “hating” what they do. God is the one in power, and He is the one who gives us the grace of faith: faith that can change “enemies” and strangers into “lovers” and friends.

I should pray in thanksgiving for all of the gifts I have instead of praying to receive more than He has already given me.

I should pray to accept His decisions, and answer His requests, instead of praying that my own decisions and need for control be blessed by His rewards.

And I should seek to find ways to love as God loves us.

Heavenly Father: All honor and glory (rewards and awards) are Yours through the unending love given to us by Christ’s death on the cross. Thank you for the love and support of my family and friends. I pray that neither the power nor the principalities here on earth should ever deter me or sidetrack me from listening to Your will. Help me to be patient in staying the course, by not trying to "undo" what is already done but instead by continuing to search for Your truth and Your way. Help me to say yes to doing what it is that YOU want done. And help me not to look back for what I might have to give up, but to be given the grace of faith to look ahead and to place my trust in You for all things visible and invisible. Amen.
Be patient and persevere in Your prayer this week.
Stay on God’s track and you will be blessed,

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