Monday, September 9, 2013

We Can Become

Friends of Faith:

“Lord, may your kingdom come.”
We can always become more. We can always become greater. We can always become more knowledgeable by having a deeper understanding and fulfillment thru the Spirit of Christ.

Stan and I have become even more aware as we have talked to others about the opportunity of the Alexander House marriage retreat this weekend that regardless of where we are at or what we are doing in our lives we need encouragement, enrichment and enlightenment –to stay focused, to know our purpose and to not become complacent or think that we have it all figured out.
(You can still take advantage of this awesome opportunity to build, grow, strengthen and enrich your marriage by joining other Christian couples this weekend, Saturday, Sept 14 at St. Henry’s in Marshalltown from 9-4:30. Please register asap by going to or by replying to this email so that we can plan for materials, food and setup (and especially, if needed, childcare).

We can always become more, greater, more knowledgeable – the excuse, in this instance, “that my marriage is doing okay” (replace that with any of your responsibilities and/or jobs in life) –only works today, because tomorrow will certainly change the “okay” to something different – for better or for worse, depending on the choices we make—the choice to be okay with okay, to fall down, or to continue the quest to become better, as God calls us to be.
“It is he whom we proclaim, admonishing everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. For this I labor and struggle, in accord with the exercise of his power working within me.

…That their hearts may be encouraged as they are brought together in love, to have all the richness of assured understanding, for the knowledge of the mystery of God, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”
Col 1: 28-2: 3

God’s work here on earth is to give us the grace so that we can be presented perfect in Christ. He promises us we can become more! And because it is hidden in the treasures of the knowledge of the mystery of Christ we are called to a continuous quest and search for his wisdom.

So are we “satisfied?” Do we really just want to be “okay”at marriage, our job, as a part of any team, or in life in general?
Matthew Kelly says: “We are made for greatness but the world calls us to be average.”

Wouldn’t it be more fun to say: “I am great!” “We are great!” “My marriage is great!” “My job is great.” And “I am fulfilled by knowing God in those around me.”
Becoming great is a constant journey. A journey where we can’t be complacent or “okay” because “okay” is never great, it is just okay.

Just as is God always present and available to us, so the devil also seeks to become a greater part of our lives. If we in anyway take God out of the equation (by a lack of forgiveness, by judging another person’s intentions, by self reliance or self indulgence, or by worshiping and trusting false gods (money, entertainment, or secular media) then the “okay” will become sorrowful and regretful because we have let down our guard and the devil has inserted first his toe and then his entire self into our slightly open door.
But when we invite God IN, when we open our heart and open His door by seeking His truth, His aid and His mercy and understanding, his grace blocks the devil out and with His help, the “okay” turns to “GREAT!”

Heavenly Father, it is in You we become great. Thank you for your constant reminders that you are in charge and without you I would be nothing. Help me to give you control over my life. Strengthen all those who struggle to give their heart to you, to forgive as you teach, and to remain in your truth. Amen.
God asks us to become GREAT, to be perfect in Christ, like Him –to continually seek His truth, and to seek education which teaches His plan for us (as in the marriage retreat). We can never be perfect – but we can keep trying, we can keep working, we can become….

Better, greater, richer in Him.
In Christ,

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