Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wednesday Prayer Requests

Friends of Faith:

First, thank you so much for your prayers today. The internet is up and working at the new office!!!! Thank you for great "techies" and for "techies" who keep stock piles of older equipment :)
Also thanks to those who worked in the office, painting and putting together new files and desks. You are very much appreciated. Pray that by tomorrow night I will see the office with a few less boxes and a few more desks.

Wednesday requests -- mostly for Stan -- as he has the much bigger challenges: First for patience with the process of counting and inventoring all of the parts and for those doing the job that they can faithfully and honestly discern those parts that will work and those which need to be included in the insurance claim.

Secondly: For more patience -- with the insurance adjusters who are requiring our mechanics to "wait" to buy new tools from a "required vendor." Procedures? Pray also that the claims adjuster might see wisdom in allowing us to use our expertise and buy tools from our loyal salesman who services us on a regular basis -- especially that we/they don't have to wait for a procedure and can get back to work.

Keep up the prayers for continued discernment of God's will as we decide where and how to set up sales and service locations that are accessible to both staff and our loyal customers.

Finally, prayers for a friend who is having a brain scan tomorrow. That whatever the results they will be accepted in faith.

Praying for a bigger faith and the blessing of peace and joy for all,

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