Friday, July 4, 2014

In God we Trust

Friends of Faith:
This is what was posted today on the Hobby Lobby site... worthwhile reading and prayerfully it is the way we should and do "work" everyday...trusting God. He has certainly been our reliance, our strength and our joy.

Especially over the past two weeks we have thanked him for every blessing we have received... your prayers, the firemen's hands who fought and saved paperwork, the many willing hands we have called upon and those we have yet to call upon, answers to prayers for tools and a more current answer to office space for our sales and parts departments. And we ask for mercy for all the prayers of thanksgiving we didn't offer up because we didn't see the gifts before the fire.

Why is it that something has to be taken away from us to be able see the blessings of the gifts being given to us before they are lost? Not only is it evident by a fire (or any storm) which only destroyed/s replaceable "stuff," but also in terms of our marriages (in divorce and death); in our families (through the separation of unforgiveness and illness); and in our children who grow up too quickly.

We are still unable to access the building, but the blessing here is that this week we were able to focus on getting our service and sales departments up and running as well as settle into my new office space uptown. We are taking this long holiday weekend to regroup mentally by rest, prayer, and family time.

On Monday, with the help of your prayers we will be open for full service, sales and parts at the ZLine 9 Building just to the south of our former location. I have been operational all week at my new location 108 E High St. (formerly Doyles Family Pharmacy). Many thank you's continue for the Zimmerman's and Doyle's who have been so accommodating to our needs.

We would ask your continued prayers for the patience of our team, and our customers--especially those in any way impacted by some loss of equipment in the fire; for our insurance company to remain fair in their settlement with them and us; for the Fire Marshall to release the building for inventory and demolition; and for your willing hands when we call with a specific need.

Again, many, many thanks for your continued prayers.
May we not only be a nation, but a people who places our trust in God.
Have a Safe and Enjoyable 4th of July with family and friends,
In God we Trust!
In God We Trust

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