Sunday, January 10, 2010

Faithfully Fit

Dedicated today to a special group of women who start a “Faithfully Fit” exercise group—a group of faith filled women, working together to make their bodies honor God by being healthy thru exercise. Their title made me think about what I’m doing to make myself spiritually “faithfully fit?” What am I doing to exercise my Christianity in my daily life?

During Christmas we put aside our differences, angers and frustrations and made special efforts to show our families and friends how much they mean to us. It was similar to a honeymoon, where everything is new and fresh, where little “issues” are set aside and special efforts are made to please those around us, where it was “easy” to live God’s love because he was the reason for the season.

After the holidays we feel a “let down” in our spirit. We no longer have the anticipation of a holiday filled with God’s love, a time when we are reminded of “love” through a daily anticipation of family gatherings and joyous music at every turn. It is a more “ordinary” time, a time when we have to work to be faith filled instead of just faithful.

So, how can I keep the spirit of God’s “Christmas love” alive in my life during this “ordinary time?” How can I become more “faithfully fit?”
The book, “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” by Elisabeth George offers some suggestions for being “Faithfully Fit.”

1) “Choose God at every opportunity. Choosing God deepens our devotion.” Commit yourself to actively making decisions the way God would want us to make a decision, not a decision which meets our purpose, but one that meets God’s purpose. Pray for His guidance and for His blessings to choose the path Jesus would have. WWJD! “I may approach God with freedom and confidence.” (Eph.3:12)

2) “Commit yourself to God daily.” Pray every day. Make God a part of every moment. Say it out loud, “Lord, today I am yours. Make me an instrument of your peace.”

3) “Cultivate a “hot heart.” Don’t be “lukewarm,” half-hearted. Don’t pick and choose the Truths you want to follow because they fit your lifestyle. If we are going to be “faithfully fit” we must be whole-heartedly faithful, we must seek God’s entire truth, not just the ones that fit. “I am confident that the good works God has begun in me will be perfected.” (Phil.1:5)

Let’s make this ordinary time-extraordinary. Let’s recommit ourselves to being “faithfully fit.”

“Dear God, Let your presence in my life make a difference to those lives around me. Help me to be faith full. Let me speak of the great things you have done for us. Help me to choose you at every opportunity and to commit myself to you daily. Help me to seek your entire truth and to make the difficult choices that follow you on the path of trust and faith. Amen.”

Blessings as you Exercise to Become Faithfully Fit, in Mind and Body! Charlotte

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