Friday, February 25, 2011

Wrestling for our God's Right

Posted on the Focus on the Family website: Since all of us from Iowa have had this conversation with someone over the past week.

My comment: we have another opportunity to show an example of faith over society: and again in Iowa !!

Joel was right in picking his faith and morals over societies “equality” of all. Like all of the other issues that have to do with “equal” treatment and fairness—God did not make us equal, and life is not fair.

God created men and women differently, for a reason, we have a purpose, Genesis, Ephesians etc.. We were not created equal. The only thing that is “equal is God’s love for us. The rest is about service to/for each other and taking care of each other to elevate us to God’s standards. It may be in good “fun” but God isn’t about “fun” or “fair” he is about love and joy; service and sacrifice. That is what Joel did—he sacrificed his personal goals and pleasure for God.

We have to start drawing the line somewhere: equal rights in “gay” marriage; freedom of choice for abortions; equality in sports—it all speaks of the same societal freedoms that are not really freedoms but free will choosing society instead of God.

May God give us the courage to choose His will, not ours.
Love and Blessings to you all,

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