Monday, August 8, 2011

What is God's Plan for Marriage?

What is the most important job most people will ever have?

We attend school for 12, 16, maybe even 20 years so that we can learn our career, our profession.

However, there is a vocation much more important than our job – it is being a spouse every day, 24-7, for the rest of our lives.

How many of us have gone to school to become that spouse, to learn our roles as husbands and wives?

Did you know that God not only invented marriage but also has a plan for marriage? (Genesis 2:24)

Do you know what the bible says about marriage and that plan? Have you ever wished there was a job description for your marriage? (Eph 4, Eph 5 21-33, Eph 6; 1 Cor 13)

We all know that men and women communicate differently. Do you know how to understand and communicate with your spouse? Why do finances create problems in marriage? How do we become role models for our children? Are our priorities right in God’s eyes?

Marriage is the most important job we will ever have. Our spouse is the most important relationship we will ever have. But do we really understand our “spousal” job as God intended?

Pope John Paul II said, ”As goes the marriage, so goes the family; as goes the family, so goes the community; as goes the community, so goes the nation; and as goes the nation, so goes the world.”

60% of all marriages end in divorce (that is SIX out of every TEN!!) We are being divided, split apart by society. Marriage is intended to join us in our homes, in our communities, in our nation and in our world!

When couples attend weekly church together only 1 out of 250 (.4%) of those marriages end in divorce. And of couples who pray together daily only 1 out of 1110 (.008%) marriages end in divorce.

How did we learn who our spouse was? We dated them. How do we continue to “connect” and grow together? We date them, we spend “intimate” time with them—that is why the nakedness of prayer is so important and so unifying, it is the most intimate conversation we will ever have with each other.

The Covenant of Love marriage enrichment program was created by Greg and Julie Alexander. Their marriage was headed for divorce when a priest asked them some of these questions. When they found the answers they realized that God’s plan for their marriage and their roles in that marriage was much different than the lives they were leading. They had never “learned” God’s plan.

The Alexander House Date Night Program was created for all couples, whether happily married or needing revived, to enrich and renew Christian marriage. The program explores what God says our roles as spouses should be, what His plan is for our marriage and how God’s role differs from the influences of society. The program provides tips and tools to facilitate better communication with our spouses, to practically live our marriage as God intended, and to help couples to get comfortable praying together.

Please join us as we explore God’s plan for marriage; the sacramentality and permanence of marriage; communication and fidelity in marriage; and give practical tips and tools so that Your Marriage Works in Christ and follows God’s plan to get us to heaven.

Comments from previous date nights: “We haven’t had a serious disagreement since we started coming six months ago;” “Well worth coming to, very comfortable and interesting;” “We wish we would have had this information when we were first married;” and the makings of a true date: “The food is awesome!”

Upcoming dates August 21, September 18, October 16, November 13 and December 11, 2011 5:30-8:00 St. Pat's Catholic Church, Tama, Iowa 900 Park St. Call 641-484-3646 to request free daycare for the event.

The team will provide all of the necessities of a fun and entertaining date: food and beverage, childcare, fellowship and faith sharing with other like minded Christian couples who know the importance of marriage. We also have marriage building tools such as books, CD’s and other materials to share with your friends and family. There is no charge for the evening! Freewill donation available.
Engaged or married 60+ years, your spouse is waiting to be taken on a date!

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