Monday, December 23, 2013

Let the Lord Enter "Inn"

Friends of Faith:
Our family is looking forward to the arrival of Sara, Luke, Colby and Karolina today from Colorado. They were traveling last night despite snowy roads as anxious to get here as we are to have them arrive. Andy is home and Kristy, Tyler and Avery will be back tomorrow morning.

I spent the day yesterday decorating so that I could see eyes sparkle in glee, making kolaches for Colby & Karolina’s tummies and wrapping gifts in anticipation of their unwrapping on Christmas morning. I want them to “feel” my love by meeting their every need.
“Let the Lord enter; he is king of glory. He shall receive a blessing from the LORD, a reward from God his savior. Such is the race that seeks for him, that seeks the face of the God of Jacob.” Ps 24: 5-6

Our blessing just like Christ’s blessing is seeing each others faces. All they (and we) really want are our hugs that say “I love you” and their presence in our house. They are the present themselves, and none of the things that I have been doing in anticipation of their coming speak as loudly as our thoughts, anticipation, or the time we will spend together and the joy their presence will bring.
It isn’t the gifts, or the kolaches, or the glittering lights that really make the kids and the grandkids happy. It is the time I spend with them and the fact that I thought enough ABOUT them to get ready for them,  that want to be “inn” my space. That is what truly says “I love you.”

So how do we prepare, how do we anticipate allowing and making our home, our heart, our life worthy of Christ’s coming? How do we anticipate and prepare to accept the ultimate love that the true king, Jesus Christ, presents to us?
Do we truly seek to know those we love so that we can do what is best for them? Do we listen to and know our spouses, family, and friends worries, cares and dreams?

And if I truly understood and believed that a king was coming to my house today what would I do to get ready? How would I prepare myself? Would my house, my heart anticipate his coming? Would I make room for the king “at the inn?” What actions would I do to “clean” my home (my heart, my life)? What “jobs” (kolaches/gifts) would be important enough to take the time to seek and to finish?
It isn’t about the instant gratification of the “feeling” of all of the goods “things” I can give someone I love but about the fact that I love them enough to do be ready and waiting for them.  The fact that I would do anything and everything possible FOR them is what really expresses the love I have for them.

So am I ready to do the same with Christ Jesus? Am I willing to set aside just 10, 15, or 30 minutes today, tomorrow and every day to prepare, in the same manner, with the same thoughts of showing love, for the coming of the King of Glory?
I often wonder what would happen to the world if every person would take SOME time to let Christ Enter In. If all of us had more than one fleeting thought and took the time to really pray and to really spend time worshiping HIM—as much time as we do training and educating ourselves about our careers, favorite team, attending sporting and shopping events, or coaching a game or a fellow employee.

What if we spent the same amount of time learning about God’s plan for marriage, attending a bible study, listening to a Christian CD or music or mentoring a young adult—with the thought that this is how GOD wants  me to get ready for His coming, how God sees my face, my true self?

Heavenly Father: My hope today is that Christ will truly be my reason for the season. And that I will prepare to let the Lord enter by making room at the real “inn” -- my heart. Thank you for all of the gifts you have given to me—so that I may do with them for others. May I be open to your call and always preparing and ready to do your will. Amen.
God won’t come in if we don’t ask. He is only the king if we make him so.
Let the Lord enter!
May the true Spirit of Christmas enter your “inn” this week,

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