Monday, October 31, 2011

To See

Women of Faith:
From the other side …Is that you I hear? Laughing loud and calling out to me! Saying SEE, it’s everything you said it would be. And even better than you would believe… And finally you’ll SEE. “SEE” words and music by Stephen Curtis Chapman

As I have been known to do since I was old enough to read I spent the “wee” hours of the night reading the entire book, “Choosing to SEE” by Mary Beth Chapman. (Couldn’t put it down, so yes, the book is highly recommended )

(Mary Beth Chapman is the wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, Christian songwriter and musician, who’s 5 year-old adopted daughter, Maria, was tragically killed when she was struck by a car driven by her brother in May, 2008.)

And I wondered why I was reading in the middle of the night and when I would need this message: to take the courage to SEE?

As I read her story it gave me hope that I too would have the faith to trust in God and to be able to SEE God in the similar footsteps of tragedy, pain, and suffering. Lord in Your great love, answer me. Ps 69:30

I thought of all of those who I have watched walk with faith through different yet similar struggles in their lives. Choosing to SEE God blindly—facing the future with hope, faith, and trust even when they were afraid and having difficulty just taking the next step forward.

And I prayed for those who have been unable to SEE God: for those who are struggling to trust and hope in His constant presence in their lives. And I prayed for those who choose to ignore God’s presence or for those who choose to take an easier way out—seeking not God’s truth, but scorning God’s call to draw closer.

I wait patiently for the Lord; He will turn to me and hear my cries…Many will SEE and fear and put their trust in the Lord. Ps 40: 1-3 present tense by Mary Beth Chapman in Choosing to SEE

Will I choose to “SEE” God each day in every situation and decision even when I don’t “feel” His presence?

Whether it is in a major tragedy, or in the times that we are simply let down by someone we love, we are asked to forgive and asked to trust; we are asked to have hope in God’s plan, that God’s will shall persevere. God is loving us through our pain, so that we will draw nearer to Him, so that we may SEE more clearly.

God asks us to be patient. He tells us that He is always near and that He is walking with us. His love for us is all merciful and “equal” regardless of any past sins and failures.

Heavenly Father: Help me to have courage and perseverance to SEE you when things don’t go my way. Help me to have patience and hope to SEE you in the darkness of pain and suffering. Help me to SEE you in trust and faith when I am afraid. Thank you for allowing me to SEE you through even the smallest of blessings you gift me with each day. In you Lord I have found my peace. Ps 131:1 Amen.

May you be blessed with the faith that gives you the courage to SEE and the hope to believe in what you SEE,

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